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ary spokesperson Wu Qian told a press b??riefing on Thursday. A total of 134 land forces from the 3


Southern Theate??r Command of the People's Liberation Army and 89 from U.S. Pacific forces?? will takK


e part in the drill at a training base in the Southern Theater C??ommand in Kunming,i


Yunnan Province. The drill will be carried out in lin??e with the consensus reached 9

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by the two armed forces, and the participant??s will undertake humanitarian rescue and disaster reduction operations at?? high altitude, Wu said. The spokesperson also confirmed salary rises fo??r ChineV

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se servicemen, saying it would inspire them to perform their dutie??s better.Chinese military sent a team to Juba, capital of South Sudan, on Wedne??sday to recover the bodies of two Chinese peacekeepers9

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killed in Sund??ay's attack. Led by a senior Defense Ministry official, the team was?? joined by Foreign Ministry personnel, military personnel and medical?? staff. On Sunday local time, two UN peacekeek

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pers from China were ki??lled and five others injured when the armored veh8

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